This weekend in the UK, we mark Remembrance Day. Time stands still for a moment, as we consciously and collectively honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice — giving their lives in order that we may live ours more fully.

This is not a political statement. It’s not a way to glorify the horrors of war. This is about being human, human in a chaotic world, a world that has natural orders, which we can lean in to amidst the madness. In respecting the principle of time and order, we acknowledge what has been, and in doing so we make space for what is to come. By honouring the contribution and exchanges that others have made and acknowledging the significance of this, we are free to claim our place in the present. In claiming our place in the present, we support the forward movement of energy towards the future.

This is relevant in all aspects of our lives. In our family systems, our ancestors, who literally birthed us, must be honoured for the sacrifices and choices they made, in order to give us life. At work, we must recognise those that came before us, whose contribution enabled our work to exist.

Everywhere we go, in all the circles we move in, in every system within which we exist, we must look back with reverence, to be able to move forward. It is the only way we can be freed up to do what is needed in the now.

This is ancient wisdom, finding new ways. It’s a way to keep both our inner and outer systems healthy and in balance. It is a way to simultaneously heal and grow. It is the natural onward flow of life, through time.

So take some time to consider:

· Who came before you and in doing so, enabled your place here?

· Who must you consciously honour?

“When you go home, tell them of us and say ‘For their tomorrow, we gave our today’’

~ John Maxwell Edmonds

Take care for now, Laura

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