Big Little Things - Rest

Big Little Things – Rest

This episode is all about ‘REST’. Something we all seem to crave, and yet simultaneously resist, it seems that rest is an increasingly important capability for humans to develop.

Big Little Things - Power

Big Little Things – Power

In this episode we talk ‘power’ – what does it mean to have power in today’s world, how are our views, our demonstration and our use of power changing to meet the needs of the major shifts in our society and workplaces due to COVID, racial inequality, and technology?

Big Little Things - Embodiment

Big Little Things – Embodiment

Here Nat and Laura talk about ‘Embodiment’ the idea of living more in and from our own body. They explore how one might develop a stronger connection with what the body is saying and showing, and how that can enable a life that is more aware and choiceful.

Big Little Things - Expert

Big Little Things – Expert

This is about way more than the semantics of language – it is about an energetic stance that we can each hold more consciously in service of staying open.

Big Little Things - Silence

Big Little Things – Silence

Silence – something some of us crave and some of us avoid at all costs. Laura and Nat step into the field of silence together (albeit in conversation!) asking us how we might integrate it more effectively into our way of being so that we might drop a little deeper into the many gifts it offers.

Big Little Things - Fear

Big Little Thing – Fear

A universally felt emotion that can impact us at every level, the experience of fear doesn’t have to be frightening. In this episode, Natalie and Laura explore how fear shows up for us personally and collectively, what impact that can have and how, if we cultivate a relationship with it it can, perhaps paradoxically, be deeply resourcing.

Big Little Things - Time

Big Little Things – Time

In this episode, Natalie and Laura explore the linear and quantum concepts of time – challenging us to consider our relationship with it and to ask ourselves how it impacts the way we show up in the world.