What will balance really bring you?

We say we want more ‘balance’. Balance between work and play, alone and together, fast and slow, light and dark.

But what do we really want?

Less Paradox. Less lurching energetically from side to side. Less polarity…

More stillness. Less doing, more being. Less movement. More focus…

More congruence. Greater peace.

When people tell me ‘I want more balance’, they’re really saying:

‘I want some peace. I want to be less tired, less frenetic, less volatile. I long to know what it feels like to have clarity.  I’ve lost my sense of centre, I want to rediscover my core and come back to it, because from that place of knowing, I can live a more peaceful life.’ 

Today is spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere, the point where day and night are of equal length. One of two times in the year where nature finds true ‘balance’. For 363 days of the year she ebbs and flows and then momentarily she comes in to perfect ‘balance’ – yet she is always at peace, for she knows her centre; she is strong and clear in her core.

It’s time you allowed yourself the chance to have the same.

  • If you stop craving constant balance, what might you make room for?
  • How can you begin to rediscover your core?
  • What is peace…?
  • And what will peace bring?

If you want to start answering these questions, come and talk to me about one-to-one or team coaching.

Take care for now, Laura

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