Setting up for a team session this morning, I sat on the floor to prepare the altar for the centre of our circle.

I lit a candle and began burning some sacred Palo Santo wood, to clear the energy in the room and bless the space we’d be working in.

The leader of the team came into the room. He didn’t react to what I was doing because our rituals are familiar to him; instead he sat gently on the floor next to me. We ‘checked in’ – shared how we were feeling and voiced what we needed from each other in the session . We tuned in to our sense of what the team was needing from the day and set our shared intentions for the time.

As he left the room, he noted that he was wearing shoes and came back in, as did the team, barefoot. They feel more grounded and free that way.

We sat together in our circle. The session unfolded organically; we had no fixed agenda. In its essence the day was simply one of deep dialogue – sharing from the heart, and witnessing each other – connecting with self and others more meaningfully. There was laughter, tears, silence and truth, moments of clarity and more questions than answers.

This leader is a senior exec in a large global bank, the group are his leadership team, all doing large, fast-paced and challenging roles. We’ve journeyed together for over a year – every time we meet, the trust grows and we go deeper. More unravels, more shows up – as they enquire further, they get stronger and clearer in their sense of self and the closer to the meaning behind their work.

They tell me they cherish what we co-create and that it really makes a difference, not just to their work, but to their lives. They expand. I expand. Everyone benefits.

This is soulful, spiritual work, being done in the most commercial and complex environments. It can be done and it can enable magic to happen, for people and for the organisation. 

If you’re a leader who wants to take your team deeper in this way, we should talk.

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