Our garden was filled with roses when I was young and the memory of them is lodged deep within me. One day, aged six or seven, distracted, I fell in to a thorny bush and had to peel myself out – quickly yet carefully enough to not get too hurt. On reflection, useful preparation for adult life and a metaphor for much of mine!

What I remember most though is the overwhelmingly beautiful scent that filled the air when the flowers were in bloom and the ‘perfume’ we used to make when they were shedding their petals.

Today I took a walk to the river on a break from work and there is was again – the aroma of beautiful roses, which have just begun to flower in this part of the world. It hit me like a wave – suddenly I was small again. Happy memories of my childhood came flooding back: long days, paddling pools, bird’s nests, grandparents. It’s true that smell, memory and emotion are powerfully linked; I feel spacious and connected as I write this.

In the northern hemisphere we are in mid-spring; the season of blossom, chirping chicks, unpredictable weather and lengthening days. Every trip outside delivers a bounty of fragrance, beauty and noise. Astrologically, we are also bang in the middle of Taurus season – the sign of the zodiac that rules the physical senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. This season of the senses is a time where we can use our body and its many gifts to ground into ourselves, find more space inside and connect with what’s important.

So as you go about your business over the next few weeks and months, I invite you to let your senses awaken, for there are many lessons we can take from our connection to the material and physical world.

If you wish, you can consider these gentle prompts as a place to start:

What smells do you tune in to and what memories do these connect you with?

How do the noises of nature help you awaken?

What do you hear first?

How do you notice the changing of the light?

How does the food of the season make you feel?

Enjoy spring, and all she brings,

Take care for now,


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