We often talk about ‘the calm before the storm’, that sense of anticipation that something is about to happen; the peaceful time before everything ‘goes mad’. We enjoy the lull – the inactivity, the quiet time, the expectation.

But what about the ‘calm after the storm’?

Last night here in the UK we had huge storms; rolling, crashing thunder, luminescent lightening, torrential downpours of warm summer rain. Nature was simply doing her thing to release and reset, as is her way, as is needed.

This morning, the air is still, quiescence has descended – life feels momentarily suspended. The storm has passed; all is well.

Have you ever noticed how clean and fresh the air feels after a storm? I’ve flung the doors and windows open here and I feel myself breathing more deeply than I sense I have in weeks. I’m tired from a sleepless night, yet I feel gently recalibrated and better grounded in my sense of self.

We often encounter ‘storms’ in our personal lives – arguments, heated discussions and conflicts. When this happens, in the brief moments following, we see life with such clarity – we know our truth, understand what is real and realise what is important.

So next time you find yourself in an emotional ‘storm’, I want you to tune in to the calm that comes immediately after it:

  • Who are you in this moment?
  • What’s your truth?
  • What’s real?
  • What matters?

And remember to breathe deeply – the air is never cleaner or fresher than now.


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