Leaders invite us to create experiences for, and have conversations with their teams and individuals in a different way. In doing this we provoke them to have different, more human conversations with each other. Conversations like they would have with their mates in the pub: honest, heartfelt, well-intended, warm, spiky and most of all – real.

When people can be with each other like this at work, trust builds. Where there is trust, there is truth, pace and collective traction. They do better business. Everyone wins.

At the heart of our work is spaciousness, conversation and connection

We create and facilitate bespoke team interventions. Spacious, dialogue led, meaningful experiences that give teams the opportunity to get real together and move forward collectively in the way that’s right for them.

Typically, this is a journey of months, or years – and it unfolds and builds over time. We meet rhythmically, in environments that give us space to breathe and be together naturally – when they return to work after our time together, they’re able to do more of that for themselves.

We run pre-designed ‘Mindfulness days’ (Calm) and (Connect) for teams who want to experience being together in a meaningful, different, yet semi-structured way. In our time together, they learn how to be with each other in more depth and they learn how they can be more real with others outside the team too.

We coach leaders, one-to-one over time, inviting them to explore themselves at a deep level, re-connecting them with themself and others. This work is transformational, and enables them to unlock their inner gifts – so they can live and lead in the biggest way possible.

Our clients are senior execs and commercial teams managing complex businesses, or high-potentials destined for the same.

We work across the globe in a variety of sectors: Aviation, Banking, Retail, Property, Tech, in companies such as HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Land Securities, London City Airport and eBay.

“ I have personally taken my team on a journey with Space With-In over the last 18 months and can say it is the most impactful piece of personal development that I have ever done… although it feels wrong and unfair to box this as ‘personal development’ – it is much bigger than that.” Global Leader, HSBC

“ Laura is a very experienced and first-rate coach, facilitator and change agent with a particular skill in helping organisations deliver positive change.” Head of Commercial, Land Securities Group

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