There’s little space for expression, connection and creativity in most of our daily lives. We’re squashed and squeezed, at risk of losing our essence.

I’ve seen this a lot in business – in the ten years I worked as a leader in FTSE 100s and in the four years following that I’ve ran my own freelance practice; in-fact I left the corporate world to set up on my own because I was experiencing that very thing – an inability to be my real self at work.

It makes me sad and also mad; I know the potential and the joy that can be unlocked in people when they get real, so that’s why I do what I do.

I’m gentle and spiky, thoughtful and direct, slow and fast – and I believe that all matter. In life and in my work, I value depth and meaning as well as lightness and fun. I’m dreamy and creative and I know the importance of grounding the big picture stuff in tangible reality too.

Most of all I value space and believe that when we take space, we can connect in with what’s important to us, make better choices for ourselves and show up more fully in our day-to-day lives – at work and at home.

Outside of my corporate work, I run urban retreats and offer one-to-one coaching. In my spare time you’ll find me exploring by the sea or in the woods, taking photos, practicing yoga, reading and writing.

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