As the Birds Land

Old Wisdom, New Ways

One day, Laura met The Muse – an energetic portal into a beautiful rich seam of age-old wisdom that is deeply relevant to our lives today. Messages began to come forth through her and a collection of stories gathered, wanting to be shared – As the Birds Land was born.

The stories in this book centre around the energy of the 1570s near the river Thames in West London – a time and place that somewhat birthed modern-day capitalism, gave rise to the energy of patriarchy, and contributed to the death of alchemy.

They speak of many things – the intelligence of the land and the wisdom of the body, the dogmatic aspect of religion, the oppressive nature of political systems, unhealthy masculine energy, abuse of power, misuse of wealth, and the fear of the deep and ancient intuition that runs through all of life. They are stories of what happened then, what was seen, heard and known. Stories of what was silenced, why and how.

The questions that mattered then matter now. So much has changed, and in many ways nothing has. These pieces invite us to tap in to deep down what we already know – to continue finding our voices and taking action for better balance in a world that needs it more than ever.

So, though this is ancient, poetic, somewhat mystical work it is actually a deep contemporary call to bring better balance to the way we lead and live today, so we can live more freely and leave a better world for those that come after us too.

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As the Birds Land