Live and lead consciously

You’re thriving at work and in the rest of your life – you’re successful and happy. You’re also a little restless - bold, curious, and thirsty with a desire to experience more dimension, texture and truth in all that you do. You want to live big, with greater depth and meaning in every way possible. At Space With-In we enable people like you, who have a strong sense there’s something ‘more’ to life, to both lead and live more consciously.

The work we do together connects you more closely with your personal centre, so that you can build stronger relationships, have more awakened conversations, and make purposeful decisions. Not just in the boardroom, but at home and in your community too.

We do this so that you can make a healthy, connected, sustainable impact on your world and the people in it. And so that you leave things better than you found them for the generations that come after you.

Calm Down, Wake Up

Our work together brings you deeper into your sense of presence and truth, mind, body and spirit. It calms you down so that you can wake up. It settles you down and invites you to show up fully. It builds your capacity to see, feel, hold, do and be more.

Cultivate Spirit

We offer soulful systemic coaching 121, with teams and with groups in organisations all over the world. We typically work in a bespoke way, co-creating the right development experience alongside the individuals, teams and groups we partner, and we also run signature programmes and . Most of the work we do is with senior commercial leaders in business, and we support HR leaders too – offering systemic consultancy and counsel as a way to enable more health and flow in the organisation.

We attend to the tiny details and the big picture. We sit on benches and in circles. We drink tea, share stories and share silence. We think and we feel. We sit still and we move. We go deeply inward and consider context. We work deep and broad. We look around and behind as well as forward, inside-out and outside-in. We listen and we speak out. We reflect, and we take action. We ask more questions than we answer. We remember more than we learn. We are alpha and beta, masculine and feminine, fire and water, earth and air.

A touch of magic

Traditionally our work would be described as executive coaching and OD consultancy - we work for the health of the whole system at every level. In truth though, this is alchemical, transcendental soul work that’s difficult to describe in words. You have to be in it and feeling it, to know what’s really possible. That’s why if you’re a business leader, HRD or coach who is curious about this stuff, we invite you to have a cup of tea with us and see what happens.

Strong foundations

Many teachings influence this holistic, systemic, human-centred work. We are guided by schools of spirituality, psychology, poetry and philosophy, meditation, embodiment practices, systemic constellations, therapeutic approaches, more traditional executive coaching and of course deep commercial understanding and experience. But what really drives and shapes this work is a deep desire to bring more flow and ease to life and a belief that this is possible for us all.


We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and that there’s magic in co-creation and collaboration. We work with other brilliant people and groups in dynamic ways that serve the ever-changing unfolding nature of work and life. Together.

Laura Beckingham

Founder at Space With-In

Though she coaches executives in business, and has a corporate background herself, Laura is in many ways the antithesis of an executive coach. She is often described by her clients as a Witch, who brings her intuitive and psychic gifts to this work. She created Space With-In to bring more spirit and soul to the commercial world.

Laura partners individuals, teams and groups in deep transformational and grounding enquiry. She runs our group development programmes Finding Space, and Slow Down, Step Back, See More (in partnership with Natalie Goni). She hosts our podcasts ‘Calm Down, Wake Up’ and ‘Space in the City’ She also works as a coach supervisor, teaches Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and meditation and serves tea ChaDao style.

Stay connected

Discovering more; being informed; means keeping in touch


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