Experiences: The Resonant Chamber 2023

Though most of our work is done in corporate organisations, we do run some open programmes and experiences that are available for all.

This includes regular Yoga Nidra classes and group meditations (currently on Zoom) and The Sanctum – a space where individuals gather virtually to cultivate their inner spirit through various practices and inner exploration. Occasionally we run one-off events with trusted friends and partners too. The ‘Resonant Chamber’ is one of our signature programmes – a four-month journey into what it means and what it takes to pay more attention to life on every level – inside, around and beyond.

The Resonant Chamber

Life is calling us up individually and collectively in a big way. We are being asked to ‘listen’ better with all of our senses: to pay better attention – deeper, more broadly and with more discernment – to what was and what is and what might be – inside and out and beyond. What’s being summoned is the kind of listening that taps into all levels of consciousness and opens the field of awareness – listening that shows us what’s really going on and what’s needed, so we can attend to this skilfully and in doing so, enable more of life to flow through us for good effect. We are being asked to be a vessel that empowers life.

Though some people are innately tuned in in this way, it is also possible for us to build these capacities: to foster a personal connection with the field – cultivating and ultimately honing the subtle senses in relationship to it. When we do this, over time, we find ourselves able to feel and see and hold more of the types of energy that run through every part of life – we become a resonant chamber of sorts and experience and unlock the fullness of existence from there.

From being a child who often asked to go to bed early because she loved the vivacity of her dreams, to being a highly sensitive young adult who sometimes felt energetically overwhelmed, to becoming a women who guides and enables all sorts of people all over the world, I’ve always been someone who knows how to pay attention to the intricacies and nuances of life – particularly that which is unseen and unspoken, In the last ten years I’ve nurtured and sharpened this capacity, centring my work and the rest of my life around it. Generations ago, I might’ve been called a Seer – someone with the ‘gift of sight’, or perhaps even a Witch. Now I might simply call myself a Guide (like many things, it gets increasingly difficult to label), and someone who can accompany you as you learn to engage more fully with life with through your own multi-sensory, systemic, inner eyes and ears.

In essence this is about bringing forth old wisdom in new ways – paying attention the way the ancients did, to the whispers and the nebulous knowings, to spirit and what lies beyond form, but doing this in a modern, earthly way in the everyday environments we all work, live and love in, in order to have a good effect on life, and enable more of it to flow, everywhere.

Now I’m ready to share more with you about how I do this, andI invite you to join me in the Resonant Chamber to begin. This powerful journey is open to all – coaches, leaders and lovers of life all who want to apprentice or journey their skills, and all who want to awaken to the fullness of what’s available to us.

The Journey

‘This is a season of the senses, and a season for sharpening skill’
~ As the Birds Land

The Resonant Chamber is a four-month experience, travelling into the systemic, unconscious fields, journeying deep with quiet practice, the art of ritual and devotion, creative expression and more. We will centre our exploration in different forms of silent group gathering, and there is an (optional, but recommended) 121 component to the programme too. We will be working with systemic constellations, meditation, Chadao, sensory perception, our capacity to channel, embodied writing and more. There’ll be teaching, journeying and practise – mainly quiet, but with some soft opportunities to connect within the group too.

The Practicalities

  • Cohort 2 runs Nov ’23 – Feb ‘24
  • Themed ‘chapters’ (Quiet Practice, The Art of Ritual and Devotion, Creative Expression). In line with these themes:
    • 6 x Systemic Journey/Teaching sessions (timing tbc, likely Monday afternoon UK, 90mins)
    • Silent community morning gatherings, most Friday mornings during the programme 7:30 – 8:30am UK (*includes The Sanctum through Dec/Jan)
    • Silent community evening gatherings (Wednesday evenings 8:00 – 8:45pm in Dec/Jan)
    • We break for Christmas and New Year
  • 4 x 121s (each 45 mins with Laura, to be used through the programme)
  • Access to Laura’s extension archive of resources for awakening consciousness, gathered over c.15years
  • Virtual community space (participation optional)

£2.25k inc. vat if self-funding or funding through own small business (£1.8k inc. vat excluding 121s)

£3.75k inc. vat if funded by a corporation (£3k inc. vat excluding 121s)

*If we already work together 121 or you work solely in the not-for-profit sector, come and talk to me about the special community price.

The Resonant Chamber will open for joining in late summer.

Email laura@spacewith-in.com to register your interest.

Come and join us, it’s going to be deep, divine and delicious.

Public Experiences