Soft Sadhana


Though most of our work is done in corporate organisations, we do run some open programmes and experiences that are available for all to join us in.

This includes regular Yoga Nidra classes and group meditations (currently on Zoom)

We also run The Sanctum – a space where individuals gather virtually to cultivate their inner spirit through various practices and inner exploration.

Soft Sadhana

Sadhana is a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘regular spiritual practice’. In modern terms, this can of course mean many things – meditation, prayer, breath work, movement etc, as long as these practices are undertaken with an intention to connect more deeply to our inner selves, and the world around us. What is key to Sadhana, is that whatever practice is chosen, it is done regularly (daily) and rhythmically.

It can be difficult to begin or maintain a regular ‘Sadhana’ practice, in the midst of modern life. So, we invite you to join our ‘Soft Sadhana’ gathering in the first week of September, as a way to start up your days, month, and academic year well!

The Practicalities

  • Sept 6th-10th inclusive, each morning at 7:30am UK
  • c.20mins gathering
  • Hosted by Laura on Zoom
  • Free to join
  • All welcome
  • Please arrive on time and stay as long as you wish/can

Each morning Laura will simply hold a quiet space for whoever gathers online, for c.20mins. There may be some soft guidance, but the majority of our time will be held in noble silence. You’re welcome to drop into your own meditation practice, journal or simply sit and be during our time together. The energy of community always enables something unique and expansive, so practicing in this way is a rich experience.

Come and join if you feel called to, to start up your day in a connected way.

Join us via Zoom, here

Public Experiences