The Loom


Though most of our work is done in corporate organisations, we do run open programmes and community experiences that are available for all.

This includes The Resonant Chamber and The Sanctum – spaces where individuals gather virtually to cultivate their inner spirit and awaken awareness using various practices and undergoing deep inner exploration. Occasionally we run one-off events with trusted friends and partners too.

The Loom

The Loom is Laura’s overt call to gather the witches, the seers, the shapeshifters, the modern-day shamans – an invitation to reclaim personal power, weave with the potency of the shared field, tap into the unseen archives to retrieve old wisdom and bring forth age-old medicine in new ways to a world that badly needs it.

It is an invitational space and journey of inquiry, apprenticeship, refinement, celebration, and transmutation.

The Experience

This group experience takes place across one year – June ’24 to May ’25. Monthly online quiet gatherings see us meet around our shared hearth to fan the fires of life, move with the unseen field and pull threads of consciousness that will weave us each more overtly into the realms of truth, magic, wisdom and possibility. Recorded ‘homilies’ – messages, suggested explorations and experiments will be shared with you between sessions, so you can cultivate the energies we work with in your own time and space. There’ll be an optional virtual community holding space and occasional gatherings that you can join if you want to weave with others more overtly, and an option for 121 deep dives to complement your experience if you wish to delve into particular energies, directions and themes throughout your travels. 

Like all true students and practitioners of magic we’ll be directed by the community energy and collective field, so there is no or pre-determined content for sessions, but gatherings may see us sitting in ceremony together, opening the field of energetic exploration with tarot, sharing myth, constellating archetypes, tuning into channelled downloads and similar. We will work specifically with the medicine of tea (and likely other gentle medicines), ceremony and ritual, divinatory tools, oracular practice, myth, the art of constellations, the energy of Laura’s Muse and writings in ‘As the Birds Land’ and other forms of tapping into the unseen energetic field of consciousness. 

It’s important to share that this is not a teaching or training per se, but an energetic exploration taken alone and in the company of others with Laura as your host and guide. Expect potent, but abstract, nebulous, paradoxical and even confronting stuff, because that, it seems, is where the magic is.

Your Guide

Laura has long been considered a ‘walker between worlds’ and someone who has keys to the doors into what lies beyond. Her clients call her a witch and she is blessed with what some might consider extra-ordinary sensory abilities – though she brings these to life in very ‘normal’ ways in her work with senior execs in business, and fellow coaches under the banner of ‘coach and advisor’. Much of her work in the world is about supporting others to awaken and strengthen their own connection with the unseen and unknown, so they can use it to have a good impact on our troubled, exhausted world, and engage with the art of what’s possible too. 

The Practicalities

  • 12 quiet (non-conversational gatherings), Tuesday evenings UK, 7:45pm – 9pm
    (25th Jun, 30th Jul, 3rd Sept, 1st Oct, 29th Oct, 3rd Dec, 7th Jan, 28th Jan, 25th Feb, 25th Mar, 29th Apr, 27th May) Live and recorded access
  • 12 (minimum) recorded channelled downloads / homilies / guided practices / suggested rituals shared with you directly once a month. 
  • Additional resources and suggested experiments and offerings shared with you as directed by our collective work.
  • Optional virtual community space (format dictated by number of weavers gathered at The Loom)
  • One-off community conversations held in virtual ‘Fire Circle’ (optional, perhaps 3 or 4 throughout our time) for those who want to connect and converse with others in the group. Dates tbc.
  • Optional add-on 121s with Laura to use throughout the experience.

The investment:

£500 + vat or £750 + vat inc. 2 x 121s (45mins)

*A reduced price is available for weavers working entirely in the NFP world and those based in the Global South – get in touch for details.

Doors to The Loom close on May 1st.

Come and join us – through the portal, and beyond…

Email for more details or to secure your place or book directly here.

The Loom – With 121s


The Loom – Without 121s


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