Calm Down, Wake Up: Meditation, Natural Breath

Calm Down, Wake Up - Natural Breath

Meditation, Natural Breath

The breath is something we each have access to at every moment of our lives. Cultivating a conscious relationship with it can be deeply resourceful.

Here Laura takes you through a meditation of following the natural breath – you can practice this anywhere, any time.

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Calm Down, Wake Up

At Space With-In we’re all about enabling you to calm down, so you can wake up. Calming you down not so you can get quiet or do less, but so that you can see more, feel more, hold more. So that you can lead, love and live more fully.

So that’s what the Calm Down, Wake Up podcast channel is in service of. It’s full of guided practices – meditations, breath work, Yoga Nidra and more. These practices help you go ‘in’ so that when you’re out there in the world you can be really connected to it all.

Many of them led are by Laura, founder at Space With-In and others are led by special guests. You can practice them wherever and whenever you wish. We hope you enjoy.

Calm Down, Wake Up