Finding Space

Finding Space

Experiences for Organisations

We do most of our work with people in businesses and organisations across the globe. Most often that’s 121, or bespoke for teams and groups. We do run some more ‘off the shelf’ group experiences too, which enable groups of people and/or teams to come together in easy, yet deep and meaningful ways. These experiences can of course be tailored to even better fit the context.

Finding Space

Finding space is a deep, yet lightly held development programme for progressive teams and groups of people in business. A shared experience for those of you who are bored of the norm, who want to experiment with doing something different – individually, together. It’s for you if you  and your colleagues want to begin exploring how you’re showing up in leadership and life – and if you want to build some muscle to do that with more presence, space and ease. It’s especially for you if you want to bring more spirit and soul to the commercial context, to enable even more there and beyond.

6 x 60-90minute group ‘Virtual Circles’ meeting online over 12 weeks + optional self-guided practice between sessions.

How it works:

You’ll come together as a group in a virtual circle, 6 times over a 3-month period, with Laura as facilitator, and occasionally guest teachers too. In each of these 60-90minute sessions, we’ll use ‘mindfulness’ practices (meditations, breath work, gentle embodied practice, spatial maps etc) to come into closer contact with what’s going on at a personal level, relating that to leadership and the rest of life too. Sometimes we’ll use guided practice to simply reflect individually on what’s showing up, alongside each other. Sometimes we’ll share – being witnessed by and witnessing others in the circle in facilitated conversation.  In between sessions you’ll have the opportunity go deeper by participating in the self-guided practices offered to you too.

Working in this way, alone together, with rhythm and presence allows you to build individual and collective depth and strength over time. Our intention is that you leave the programme softer, more resourced, more centred and better connected.

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