Slow Down, Step Back, See More

Slow Down, Step Back, See More

Experiences for Organisations

We do most of our work with people in businesses and organisations across the globe. Most often that’s 121, or bespoke for teams and groups. We do run some more ‘off the shelf’ group experiences too, which enable groups of people and/or teams to come together in easy, yet deep and meaningful ways. These experiences can of course be tailored to even better fit the context.

Slow Down, Step Back, See More

Life as a leader is increasingly full and chaotic, there are huge demands on your time, and your energy.  Your thinking is always being stretched. Emotions shift at lightning speed. Things around you continue to move at pace – there is an increasing amount of swirl and, despite the stuckness, nothing ever stands still. There is an expectation that you have your attention in many places at once. You are asked for more all of the time. You want to hold increasing amounts of volume and complexity and be more tuned in to what’s going on around you, so you can make a better and more sustainable impact.

None of this is changing or going away. We all have to find ways to navigate this volume and complexity with more ease – we have to build capacity to hold it.

That’s why we created Slow Down, Step Back, See More – so you can begin to experience how you might hold both the ‘inner’ personal and the ‘outer’ big-picture in all the various systems to which you belong – family, teams, organisations, communities etc. This will bring you more in tune with yourself, closer to your truth, into better connection with others and the world around you, more aware of where you feel stuck and more connected to how you best flow – in your role as a leader and in the rest of life too. 

The format of this programme is flexible, because the audience it’s for needs it to be. We gather in person in any global location (typically 2-days, with virtual follow on) or online (several sessions over a period of weeks). We recommend 121 coaching for participants post-programme too.

How it works:

We’ll meet in a circle – think beanbags, not boardroom. We’ll use meditative, embodied, reflective and systemic practice to explore what’s going on in your world, and uncover what’s needed. Space, stillness, movement, breathing, wondering, inquiring – alone, together.

Laura Beckingham facilitates this programme

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