Experiences: The Sanctum, Landing Season

The Sanctum Landing Season 2022


Though most of our work is done in corporate organisations, we do run some open programmes and experiences that are available for all to join us in.

This includes regular Yoga Nidra classes and group meditations (currently on Zoom)

We also run The Sanctum – a space where individuals gather virtually to cultivate their inner spirit through various practices and inner exploration.

The Sanctum

Born in the chaotic heart of the global pandemic, The Sanctum was created as a safe and tender space for inner energetic nourishment. Its founding energy was ‘Cultivating the spirit of self in sacred sanctuary’ and as life continues to ebb and flow around us, and inside us in myriad ways, it remains a place for you to settle, soften and unfold, to sink deep into self, remember, discover and wonder.  It is a place to be quiet, introspective yet connected – energetically held by a community of fellow seekers, travelling The Sanctum alongside you.

The Sanctum, Landing Season

The bridge between sacred practice and everyday living goes both ways. In the powerful portal of The Sanctum, we are invited to stand on, and perhaps experience how we might better navigate that bridge to build awareness of our inner worlds, so that we can cultivate capacity to meet the outer world and all that shows up there with more presence, grace and ease.

So, as the energy of late summer peaks, and then fades into early autumn, I invite you to join me in The Sanctum for the Landing Season.

Late summer – the ‘fifth’ season in Eastern philosophy is represented by the element of Earth – a yielding energy and the pause between the rising, outward energies of Wood and Fire (spring and summer) and the descending, inward energies of Metal and Water (autumn and winter). This season of Earth – ‘mother’, is abundant, nourishing, tender, and importantly stable – a great time for grounding, centring, nurturing ourselves, and harvesting wisdom for the months ahead.   

As ever this season we’ll meet weekly as a group online for sacred ceremony centred around tea ritual, poetry and guided wisdom. We participate in our collective experience in silence – this is a quiet and reflective space with heaps of connection, but no sharing circle or group conversation, so you can rest and explore in privacy, within community.  Sacred, quiet time spent alone, together.

The Practicalities

  • 8 x live group sessions via Zoom, each centred around a silent meditative tea ceremony, guided by Laura
  • Meeting 7:30am – 8:30am UK, every Friday from August 26th – Oct 7th inclusive AND Sat Sept 10th 7:30am – 8:30am (to mark Mid-Autumn Festival)

£180 inc vat for new members of the community. A discounted price is available for existing or alumni Sanctum community members

*If cost prohibits you from joining, please let us know and we’ll make a space available to you in a different way.

Doors to The Sanctum close for the Landing Season on Sunday July 31st

Come and join us, it will be delicious.

Email laura@spacewith-in.com for more details or to secure your place

Public Experiences