Magical energy and the power of ‘the field’

Magical Energy And Power Of The Field

Imagine if 300 years ago I’d told you that I could feel a magical energy in the sky that that I sensed had an extraordinary amount of untapped power? That it couldn’t be seen (except occasionally, in the weather, where it can light up the sky), but could make your hair stand on end without even touching you and even had the power to both stop and start your heart.

What if I then told you that one day, this energy could help put people inside big metal birds in the sky and send man to the moon? That it would be able to light up, or heat a room without the use of a flame? That it could send messages to people thousands of miles away in a split second, or let you talk to or see that person ‘live’ through a little box you could hold in your hand?

At worst you would’ve thought me crazy – at best perhaps eccentric, quirky, or ‘alternative’; but everything I would’ve been saying was true.

That magical energy is electricity – and without it, life as we know it would exist.

For better, or worse, electricity has changed our lives. Our willingness to recognise it, access it and harness it has given us the Internet, air travel, mobile phones; saved millions of lives, taken us to the bowels of the earth, to the moon and beyond.

And I believe there is more ‘magical energy’ out there, in the ‘field’.

Much more.

More that we can ‘feel’ but can’t see.

More that makes no rational ‘sense’, yet we ‘know’ exists.

More that could, if harnessed, change our lives:

Increase our intelligences.

Expand our consciousness.

Give us access to realms previously untapped or unknown.

And you have the potential to access it all.

If you’re a Practitioner of People – an OD professional, HRD, Coach; or a Commercial Leader who wants to know more about accessing the energies in the field, then I can show you ways to do just that. Ways that will make your work and your life more meaningful, more connected, more expansive. More multi-dimensional, more real.

If you’re curious, get in touch.

 Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”


Take care for now, Laura