Experiences: The Resonant Chamber 2023

Life is calling us up individually and collectively in a big way. We are being asked to ‘listen’ better with all of our senses: to pay better attention – deeper, more broadly and with more discernment – to what was and what is and what might be – inside and out and beyond. What’s being summoned is the kind of listening that taps into all levels of consciousness and opens the field of awareness – listening that shows us what’s really going on and what’s needed, so we can attend to this skilfully and in doing so, enable more of life to flow through us for good effect. We are being asked to be a vessel that empowers life.

Experiences: The Sanctum, Whispering Season

Winter is a time for stillness and deep listening – a time where we are called to pay attention to the subtle, nebulous things, and to that which lies beyond form – a season for attending to the whispers.

As we journey through the darkness of this season, we’ll meet again for regular sacred ceremony in The Sanctum to experience that.

The Sanctum Landing Season 2022

Experiences: The Sanctum, Landing Season

The bridge between sacred practice and everyday living goes both ways. In the powerful portal of The Sanctum, we are invited to stand on, and perhaps experience how we might better navigate that bridge-building awareness of our inner worlds, so that we can cultivate capacity to meet the outer world and all that shows up there with more presence, grace and ease.

The Sanctum Golden Season 2022

Experiences: The Sanctum, Golden Season

Alchemy: The transmutation of matter into gold. A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. I invite you to join me in The Sanctum for our Golden Season.

Soft Sadhana

Sadhana is a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘regular spiritual practice’. In modern terms, this can of course mean many things – meditation, prayer, breath work, movement etc, as long as these practices are undertaken with an intention to connect more deeply to our inner selves, and the world around us. What is key to Sadhana, is that whatever practice is chosen, it is done regularly (daily) and rhythmically.

Experiences: The Sanctum – Dark Season

This season, as we journey into the dark half of the year, we’ll meet again for regular sacred ceremony in The Sanctum. In each circle, held weekly, we’ll share tea ritual, listen to poetry and guided wisdom, and connect in silent meditation and reflective space.

Silent Gathering

Silent Gathering

In partnership with Ria Ingleby, we invite you to join us for a silent gathering on September 24th – a quiet, deep, yet gentle exploration for body, mind and spirit.

Silence is rarely experienced, and really needed. Practising silence allows us to surface and contact hidden truth and wisdom. That’s why we’ve created this gathering for you – so you can tap in below the noise to what wants to be revealed and known.