Big Little Things - Fear

Big Little Thing – Fear

A universally felt emotion that can impact us at every level, the experience of fear doesn’t have to be frightening. In this episode, Natalie and Laura explore how fear shows up for us personally and collectively, what impact that can have and how, if we cultivate a relationship with it it can, perhaps paradoxically, be deeply resourcing.

Big Little Things - Time

Big Little Things – Time

In this episode, Natalie and Laura explore the linear and quantum concepts of time – challenging us to consider our relationship with it and to ask ourselves how it impacts the way we show up in the world.

The Body Keeps The Score

The body keeps the score

When was the last time you listened to your body?
Beyond knowing that you’re tired. Beyond being able to list your aches and pains, or recount the many illnesses you’ve endured.

Space in the City - Episode 17

Space in the City: Episode 17

In this episode, Laura talks with Stephen, a senior HR leader about what it takes to be increasingly open to life’s experiences – and the gifts that come from doing just that.

Time Is A Continuum

Time is a continuum

I don’t wear a watch, there are no clocks in my house, nor is there a calendar; yet I mark the new and full moon, take stock of my life at every birthday and use the window between Christmas and New Year to set intentions for my life. A curious relationship with ‘time’, yet a relationship nonetheless. We are all connected to it in some way, acutely aware of its omnipresence and its role in our lives.