Big Little Things - Embodiment

Big Little Things – Embodiment

Here Nat and Laura talk about ‘Embodiment’ the idea of living more in and from our own body. They explore how one might develop a stronger connection with what the body is saying and showing, and how that can enable a life that is more aware and choiceful.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Held In Nature

Calm Down, Wake Up: Yoga Nidra, Held in nature

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful restorative and rejuvenating practice, which invites us to navigate the bridge between conscious and subconscious awareness – accessing the ‘liminal state’ where we find not just deep rest but creativity and possibility too.

This episode connects us to nature and the elements for nourishment and support.

Life Is Dynamic

Life is dynamic

Life is dynamic; everything is in motion, especially we people and our energy. Relationships and loyalties ebb and flow over time, moving in relation to everything else, responding to the forces at hand.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Cooling The Heat

Calm Down, Wake Up: Yoga Nidra, Cooling the heat

Perhaps the temperature in the weather is rising where you are, or the climate is hot. Maybe you’re in a relationship dynamic where you notice you’re at risk of, or perhaps even are losing your cool. Or maybe life simply feels ‘over-heated’ at times. Whenever this is happening, this Yoga Nidra will enable you to chill out, inviting you to temper the fire so you can come back to a more balanced, cooler centre.

Big Little Things - Expert

Big Little Things – Expert

This is about way more than the semantics of language – it is about an energetic stance that we can each hold more consciously in service of staying open.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Natural Breath

Calm Down, Wake Up: Meditation, Natural Breath

The breath is something we each have access to at every moment of our lives. Cultivating a conscious relationship with it can be deeply resourceful.

Here Laura takes you through a meditation of following the natural breath – you can practice this anywhere, any time.

Magical Energy And Power Of The Field

Magical energy and the power of ‘the field’

Imagine if 300 years ago I’d told you that I could feel a magical energy in the sky that that I sensed had an extraordinary amount of untapped power? That it couldn’t be seen (except occasionally, in the weather, where it can light up the sky), but could make your hair stand on end without even touching you and even had the power to both stop and start your heart.

Big Little Things - Silence

Big Little Things – Silence

Silence – something some of us crave and some of us avoid at all costs. Laura and Nat step into the field of silence together (albeit in conversation!) asking us how we might integrate it more effectively into our way of being so that we might drop a little deeper into the many gifts it offers.

Space in the City - Season 1

Space in the City – Season 1

In Space in the City, Laura – founder at Space With-In, talks with brilliant people living and working all over the world about how, in the midst of fast, full and busy modern lives they manage to live with presence, depth and meaning.