Finding Space

Finding Space

Finding space is a deep, yet lightly held development programme for progressive teams and groups of people in business. A shared experience for those of you who are bored of the norm, who want to experiment with doing something different – individually, together.

Slow Down, Step Back, See More

Slow Down, Step Back, See More

Life as a leader is increasingly full and chaotic, there are huge demands on your time, and your energy. Your thinking is always being stretched. Emotions shift at lightning speed. Things around you continue to move at pace – there is an increasing amount of swirl and, despite the stuckness, nothing ever stands still.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Sweet Dreams

Calm Down, Wake Up: Yoga Nidra: Sweet Dreams

This particular Yoga Nidra session invites you to meet sleep state in a soft and spacious way. Settle in where you intend to fall asleep, get warm and cosy and let the practice move you towards rest and relaxation.

The Sanctum - Spring Season

Experiences: The Sanctum, Spring Season

The Sanctum was created so that you have a place to nourish your soul. A place to settle, soften and unfold, to sink deep into self, remember, discover and wonder. A place to be quiet and introspective – energetically held by a community of fellow seekers, travelling The Sanctum alongside you.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Yoga Nidra

Experiences: Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is often referred to as ‘The Yoga of Sleep’. It is a gentle, deeply nourishing experience, that rests the body, and can take the mind to the bridge between conscious awareness and dream world – a liminal space. It is meditative, restorative, energising and awakening all at the same time.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Earth Energy

Calm Down, Wake Up: Meditation, Earth Energy

Here we harness the ever-present power of Earth to soothe and centre ourselves. In connecting with this energy we are reminded that our lives are bigger than the events which fill our days and we’re invited to settle and let go.

Calm Down, Wake Up - Centring

Calm Down, Wake Up: Yoga Nidra, Centring

When your world is spinning, you’re feeling unsettled, or simply haven’t had any space or time to be with yourself, this Yoga Nidra guided by Laura will bring you back to centre.

Space in the City - Episode 21

Space in the City: Episode 21

Another rich conversation with a wonderful guest, Becky. We touch into a wide variety of topics in our conversation, like liminality, empathy, community, creativity, allyship, consciousness, the environment and so much more.

Space in the City - Episode 20

Space in the City: Episode 20

Chris and Laura explore the importance of acknowledging what is, experiencing life from the edges, the idea of navigating paradox and the need to keep perspective in the midst of increasing levels of complexity – not just in leadership but in the rest of life too.